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Dear all,

PROBLEM: When making a recording I hear the music being recorded for only some 30 seconds. then the recording continues (the tracks are shown and quality seems OK) but I have no more sound in the speakers and the green meter also stops operating.
when i stop the recording, click on teh “MME” and restart the recording, again I hear the music for 30 seconds and then the same problem…

I have a HP dv6-705eb i7 laptop computer with windows 7 home premium and a NUMARK digital record player TT usb of some 4 years old. 5I’m using USB 3 entry).
4 and 3 years ago i transferred many vinil records to my computer via audacity without too much trouble.
then i didn’t do anything with the player but now, with my new computer I want to start again.
I downloaded audacity 2.0.2 installer exe-file;

on the “sound” page of the control panel of my computer i selected “speakers " on the playback page and on the recording pageI selected “microphone” as suggested in the audacity manual.
the default of my computer (without usb connection of the record player) is “speakers and headphones” resp " internal mic” . Of course i also tried these but in vain.

on the device toolbaar I selected “MME” resp “speakers and headphones IDT” and microphone USB Audio CODEC" resulting in the above described problem.
Obviously I’m doing something wrong somewhere but I cannot find what where how.

Can you help?


Thanks for all the details.

Are you connecting the turntable to an empty USB port? The turntable should not be connected to a USB hub.

In Windows “Sound”, “Recording” tab you can also right-click over the USB turntable > Properties, then on the “Listen” tab, check the box to send the USB input to the built-in sound card. If you do that, turn off Transport > Software Playthrough in Audacity.