No input sound from microphone

Hello all,

I’m trying to record a voice using my XLR microphone connected to my computer by an XLR-Mini jack cabe but Audacity doesn’t see my Microphone. I see in the manuel that my computer must have a “microphone input port”, is this different from a mini jack input port? There could be other reasons for my recording not to work?


Computer microphones are specially designed to work with computers. Microphones with XLR connectors are not.
Is the input socket on your computer marked as a “Mic” input?
What is the make and model number of the microphone?

Sorry … I just remember that this microphone needs phantom alimentation… :blush:
have another not suitable for voice but for video recording… I’ll try it…
Not the input socket is not marked as a Mic input… so I can not connect microphones to my mac?

Mac computers often do not have a microphone input, (check the computer manual/specifications).
If the computer has only a “line input” and not a “mic” input then you could either: connect the XLR microphone via a “microphone pre-amp” or via “Mixing desk (mixer)” that has microphone inputs, or use a USB microphone. If you just want to make some rough voice recordings, a USB microphone will be the cheapest option (for example “Logitech USB Desktop Microphone” for less than $20)

I’ll check that! Thanks Steve!!

That’s a Peavey PV6 sound mixer at around $100. It has 48V phantom power. I use that and an older MacBook Pro to do voice recordings. That will plug straight into your Mac depending on how new it is. Newer Macs do not have external analog recording. Digital only. You can get a Peavey with USB connections built in, but there are some problems with doing it that way.