No input signal on new iMac (mid 2022)


I’ve just upgraded to a new iMac running Mac OS Monterey, downloaded the latest version of Audacity and connected my turntable through a NAD USB Preamp PP4 (same as I used on my old iMac). As the cable is an old-fashioned USB I have a converter to USB-C which is the only available input to the iMac. I have selected USB Audio CODEC as input for sound, the preamp is lit for USB connection, but no signal in to Audacity.

Any ideas?


Audacity gets its sound from the machine, not the turntable or interface. If you go into System Settings > Sound, do you get a bouncing sound meter there?

On a newer machine, you may also need to grant permissions to recording devices. I’m a little foggier on that.


Thanks Koz,

I do have the bouncing sound meter, but still nothing if I set Audacity to recording, and no sound out to my speakers.

Any idea where you possibly grant permissions to recording devices?

BR / Martin

You could try looking here: Control access to the microphone on Mac - Apple Support

Found it!

Thanks so much for pointing in the right direction. It was the permission issue I’d missed.


Dauntlessness gets its sound from the machine, not the turntable or point of interaction. In the event that you go into Framework Settings > Sound, do you get a bobbing sound meter there?On a more up to date machine, you may likewise have to concede consents to recording gadgets. I’m somewhat hazier on that.