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good day thanx any person > my usage is simple record online etc. super easy until I bought a new TV? Am I stupid?- probably - you guys the first time I used this wonderful 'recording studio it worked so perfect no problem input my LG tv for sound driver, now nothing will record error OPENING RECORDING DEVICE INVALDID SAMPLE RATE CODE 9997
did my new tv stop this from recording driver? QBQ90 is now what WASAPI [ ONEDRIVE SEEMS TO HAVE TAKEN OVER MY PC I AM DUMBFOUNDED WHY ] READER DO U THINK ONEDRIVE IS THE PROBLEM I have reset -reloaded my ‘op’ three times to no avail- AUDICITY WORKED PERFECT UNTIL MY NEW TV WAS USED - THANK YOU for your time and any considerations ,regards

Error 9997 means that the sample rate of the input device doesn’t match with the sample rate that Audacity is set at.
You might find different sample rates available as: 44,1 kHz 48 kHz and more.
It could be also useful you to specify how are you connecting your new TV to the PC that Audacity is installed at.
If changing TV is what changed the input sample rate, there is where you could explore your options to begin recording again.

I thought QBQ90 was Samsung?

So what exactly is it you are trying to do? Audacity is an audio editor. If you are trying to capture video from a TV, you will likely want to use a different product.

VIDEO? who said that. just online *AUDIO recording- [where did the reader get video from] turn on Internet radio, record using my pc -simple worked great until I replaced my tv. I am using the latest version. I cant say It more plainly>< error opening device “type”: “Error”,
“value”: “Error opening recording device.\nError code: -9997 Invalid sample rate.”,
“mechanism”: {
“type”: “runtime_error”, thank you
“handled”: false