No headphone jack for DSLR camera

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This is an audio question but it concerns a DSLR camera so I’m not sure if this is appropriate?

If not, if there any video creators or editors on this forum who would please suggest a better forum I’d be so appreciative.

I’ve got a DSLR I record with that doesn’t have a headphone jack to check for audio sound so I’m interested in what other video creators have used as work-arounds.

Thank you so much.

Does it have a HDMI “live” output and does it carry the audio?

If so, get a HDMI de-embedder/audio extractor and feed that to a small headphone amp.
Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 10.34.38 PM.png
The optical output is optional, as is the HDMI output and only needed if feeding an external screen/monitor.

Note that the RCA outputs are line level and won’t drive headphones directly, you will need a small headphone amp
or the aux/line inputs of an external mixer.

Also please be aware that there may be a small delay (latency) when the audio is extracted from HDMI as it has to be
de-embedded and converted to analog.
2 - 6 frames is about the average.

One important note:
If you are shooting 4K and the HDMI port is also outputting 4K, ensure that the audio extractor can handle 4K.
Some will only go up to 1920X1080P.

If on the other hand, your DSLR has no HDMI output, then do a separate audio recording using say a Zoom recorder
and then sync up in post, using your camera audio as a guide track.

Thank you, Paul 2.

We have 2 lavaliere mics so we’d mic each subject for the interview and then use an HDMI to VGA adapter and plug the headphones into that adapter’s 3.5mm headphone jack?

Yes, you mic each person with a lav mic and feed those to the camera.
I’m assuming the camera has a left and right input.
You then record each person per track and mix down in post.

Had a look at those extractors you linked to, most seem to handle only
up to 1080P (so no 4K) and the audio out seems to be line level.

That means it will not drive headphones directly, but will need a small
amplifier or feeding to an external mixer.

USB powered PC speakers with headphone output make good
small portable amps.
Power the USB speakers via a laptop or phone charger, connect it’s
3.5mm input jack to the extractor and then plug your headphones
to the speakers headphone jack out.
Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 1.27.30 PM.png
For dialog, they are fine.

Are you 100% sure that the camera does not have a headphone output?
I have seen cameras that have no mic inputs but headphone outputs.
Never come across one that had mic inputs and no headphone out.

Several of the Canon’s (like my own EOS Rebel 5) don’t have headphone jacks.

Maybe I could try one of these adapters and the micro HDMI just to see if I can hear sound. I don;t care much to hear it during the whole record as much as to make sure audio is being recorded.

We’ve had mishaps where we thing thew sound is recorded but a mic was inadvertently tuned off and had to go re-shoot.

If we can hear sound at the beginning and re-check a couple of times during record that’s what’s needed.

Your thoughts?

Thank you.

Just had a look at the Canon website, according to them:

So, apparently, audio is available on the USB port.
They even make a cable called “USB to Composite”
Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 4.55.28 PM.png
The audio is available on the red and white RCAs.
Now with a simple, cheap adapter, you connect to the USB speakers as per my previous post.
Those RCAs can’t drive the headphones directly, so the speakers (with their own headphone jack)
act as an amplifier.
Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 4.58.26 PM.png
That special USB to Composite cable should have come with the camera.

Just make sure of these two things:

1- It applies to your camera.
2 - You have enabled audio monitoring in the menu.

So you have 3 options:

1- Use the HDMI audio extractor method, or
2 -Use the USB to Composite cable, or
3 - Use an external audio recorder.

One of them must work.