No gui in Audacity 3.3.3. Linux of the lsp-plugins

i like the and use it at Ardour (lv2 versions).
i testet the new live feature for plugins. Audacity recognise the plugins but with a sparnatical GUI.
Can i anything do to have the right GUI of the LSP Plugins?

Windows guy here. I am thinking you may get more traction on your query by including a screenshot of your sparnatical GUI.

Here is LV2 Plugin in Audacity.

Here the same in Ardour

I may be wrong, but I get the impression that the Audacity developers do not intend to tackle this known issue until Audacity has been migrated from wxWidgets to Qt (some time in the future). There’s a (closed) issue logged here: no GUI on plugins on Linux · Issue #3452 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

With Audacity 3.4 the LSP Plugins 1.2.13 work now in the vst2 version.

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