No File, Edit, Select, View etc on my 2.3.3 dowload

Hi, I recently downloaded the most recent Audacity 2.3.3 onto my Mac OS High Sierra version 10.13.6 but there is no top line facility ie File, Edit, Select, View etc and the only way I can save is to audacity itself. I also installed the 2.3.3 on my Windows laptop and the top line facility was there, so I was able to export my file as an mp3 which is what I want to do. Can anyone help please? I’m not highly technical but not too bad either :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

When Audacity is running but no project window is open, only the Apple, Audacity and File menus are available.

Do you have Audacity in full-screen mode?

– Bill

Hi Bill, thanks for reply. I tried Full Screen but nothing changed. There is nothing above the pause, play, record buttons etc. except a thin frame with the centred word Audacity. The only way I even got to save the recording at all was when I clicked to leave and it asked if I wanted to save it. I took a screenshot but not sure whether I can post that here. Can’t see an insert image section. Thanks.

Please reset your preferences according to these instructions:

You only need to delete the “audacity.cfg” file.

– Bill

Many thanks Bill. I did what you suggested and relaunched but still no top line for File, Edit…etc. Perhaps I need to uninstall and reinstall?

Are you new to macOS? Are you aware that it is normal for applications on macOS to have their menus at the top of the display rather than at the top of the application window?

Hi Steve, thanks for reply. Yes, new to using Audacity on Mac. I shut the whole thing down last night and this morning, et voila, I saw the display at the top! It may well have been there yesterday and I just didn’t ‘see’ it because I thought it was the regular menu bar. Also I just noticed that when full screen no top menu of any kind is there at all until I point the cursor into the top left corner. Whatever the reason, it’s all good now and thank you very much for your help.

Also, it is only there when the application has focus. As soon as you click on another application, that application’s menu bar replaces the previous menu bar. It makes working with multiple applications at the same time quite tedious in my opinion.

Another thing to watch out for (in case you haven’t noticed yet); When you close an application on a Mac, the application continues running in the background. To stop the application running, you have to explicitly “Quit” or “Exit” the application - just “closing” it isn’t enough.

Thanks for that additional info Steve, very helpful. I shall make sure I Quit when I finish with an app!
Have a great week.