No Fast forward or Rewind

I transferred music and audio from cassette tapes to CDs. I used Win 10 and Version 3.0.2 and I cannot Fast forward or rewind the disk. How do I fix it?

There are different kinds of CDs. If all you did was drag your files over to the CD, you will get a Data CD and it will act just like a shiny, flat hard drive.

If you dragged your sound files over to a production program such as iTunes or Windows Media, they have tools to make an Audio CD with all those scan and skip features.

Audacity won’t make a CD.


How do I enter the “pause points” on the recording so I can Fast Forward and Rewind? Thanks.

You need to create an “audio CD” (not a “data CD”) with separate tracks. To do that, you need to split your recording into separate files, then add each of the files to your CD compilation. See: and

Quick note. Do Not use MP3 for any of these jobs. MP3 files do not have stable, reliable start and stop points. If you break up one long performance into “chapters,” the chance of smooth, invisible hand-offs between MP3 chapters is almost zero.

Stick with WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit at 44100 Stereo. That’s the Audio CD standard and the authoring program will not have to convert formats.


hello Koz,
I don’t know how we got here. Yes I saw the post on the Forum. However, neither the post or you answered my question. I need the steps on how to prepare the files in AUDACITY so when I transfer them to a CD, I can Fast forward and Rewind from one song to another. I don’ know the Version of Win 10 I am using and don’t know how to find out unless I call the Computer shop that installed it. I KNOW it can be done in Audacity because a military guy did it for me years ago. It was back before Win 10 ever came into being, I was either using Win XP or Win 7. He has since transferred and I can’t get in touch with him. If you know, or if you know where, I can find the information, please let me know. There is a way to prepare and export a song list in Audacity so when it is recorded using Express Burn, I can Fast Forward and rewind from one song to the other. It was done years ago. Thank You.


I don’t know how we got here.

If there isn’t enough information in a post, we go with the most likely answer and keep going until someone stops us.

Open up your work in Audacity. Use the Zoom tools to get closer and further away from the individual notes and music events.

Once you get good at that, you can set a label at each of the break points, the points that you want the CD to shift between chapters or songs.

Labels are “sticky” and if you drag-select a portion of the performance, your selection will “stick” to the labels giving you an accurate select. Then export the selection you just made. File > Export > Export Selected Audio.

This is the first place where making a CD gets a little magic. Audio CDs don’t have song titles. They seem to because your CD player goes on-line and looks up the titles.

We wrote tutorials about how to do this whole process.


Have you read the links in my post?