No Email Notifications

I set my account to receive email notifications when someone replied to my recent posts; however, I never received any emails. I found the replies by coming back to this forum and seeing the notifications here. However, someone may want to look into why the forum is not sending email notifications as expected. Thank you.

You have to subscribe to the topic that you want emails from.
Click on the “spanner” button at the bottom of the topic and “remove” the tick from the “subscribe to topic” option.

(I don’t know why the option must be “un-ticked”, that seems upside down to me, but we don’t make the forum software :confused: )

That IS weird! I guess that explains why I didn’t receive a notification that you’d replied to this post. However, on my other posts I DID get a notification showing here on the forum; however, I was never notified via email. Oh, well…I’ve found everything now - I THINK! LOL Must be some bugs within the forum software.

Craziest thing. We must be living in the “upside down!”