No Editing Options

I’ve been using Audacity for years, and love it, but I am truly stumped at this turn of events.

I got a new laptop (Windows 7 x64) a few months ago and just got around to installing Audacity on it. I went to edit a sound file and no edit options are available (yes, the recording is stopped).

If I highlight a section then cut or copy become active (which does nothing to help me put a split cut in) but nothing else. I have tried this with several different types of sound files and even .aup files from my other computer, all with the same results.


Which Audacity are you using? The earlier Audacity had a Mode where you could make a “Simple” Audacity and it would defeat some of the tools. I’m looking… Koz

Sorry, running the newest version - 2.0.3.

Are the items in the Edit Menu greyed out or do you just mean you cannot find Edit > Split Cut? It is in the Edit > Remove Audio or Labels sub menu. Have a look there for what its shortcut is and try the shortcut.