No editing of parameters in macros for some effects


I am using Audacity 3.2.3 and 3.2.1 (in french, if ever it matters) on MacOS High Sierra 13.13.6, and I have just noticed the exact same issue as the one mentioned on the Windows forum : “Editing Commands in Macro Manager”

In my case, the edition of parameters is impossible with Noise Reduction in a macro : it only applies the Use_Preset=“” whatever editing parameters I am trying. But it is working perfectly on Noise Gate, Limiter or Normalize, for example.
I have considering exporting my current macro, changing the parameters in the txt file and import it back in Audacity as a new macro. I assume (hope ?) that it would do the job, but don’t know how the code line should be. Does anyone have any clue or suggestion where to look for it ?

That is weird as I am quite sure that it worked with earlier versions of Audacity… There appears to have too many bothering regressions with these new versions of Audacity for those who do not need advanced features and could do a pretty good job already with 2.x.x …

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Then you are also familiar with this report: Settings unavailable for LV2 effects in macros · Issue #3821 · audacity/audacity · GitHub which was updated two days ago.

Older versions of Audacity are available here: Old Audacity versions download

Thanks for your answer, jademan.
Yes indeed, I’ve seen the page you mention, though I do not understand most of it. But as this bug appeared to be mentioned on Windows and Linux only so far, I thought it could have been useful to mention it with MacOS too.

Furthermore I was asking for some suggestions to circumvent the bug before it is corrected in a next version : don’t you believe that the idea I had, to change the parameters in a txt file before import, could work ? Does someone know what the line code for the parameters for Noise Reduction are, or where to look and find it ? Unless you believe it is simply not possible to change them at all, and I’ll have to deal with it…


PS : I might have been too definitive in wanting to go back to 2.x.x versions, and I didn’t intent to upset anyone - I was struggling at the time and just figuring out why my audio did sound weird since the last update, I lost my temper… :frowning: Actually I do love that there is only one big file in Audacity since 3.0, to be fair :slight_smile:

So the developers are pretty smart and they know that a problem like this will manifest itself on all three platforms. However, you are certainly welcome to add your own comments to the report.

So you have asked this question and so far no one has stepped forward to offer a solution for you. Is this something you can do yourself and post the results here? I believe the issue is new to 3.2.1 or 3.2.0, so I would check to see if it works ok in 3.1.3. On MacOS, your macros are saved as text files in a macros directory along with your audacity.cfg configuration file here: ~/Library/Application Support/audacity/

If you can’t find a satisfactory solution, I would suggest staying with 3.1.3.