No devices showing up

For some reason every box is blank, whenever I try to record I get

Error code: 0 sucess

Audacity gets its sound from Windows, not the device.

Open Windows control panels (Right-click the speaker symbol in the right) and see if your device appears there. Those panels also have a sound meter, so you can check everything.

Without that appearance and the bouncing sound meter, Audacity won’t do anything.

There are some oddities. I think Windows still calls everything a “microphone” no matter what it really is, and it’s complicated by the actual device name which has little or nothing to do with what it actually is.

For example, the Behringer UCA-202 stereo adapter is called a “microphone” and it’s name is USB audio CODEC


Also, when Audacity first starts up. It scans every device on your system. If it hangs up on any one of those devices, it can cause Audacity to see nothing. If your issue continues, try removing or disabling all USB and bluetooth devices. If this fixes the problem, you can re-enable them one-by-one.

I hope this helps. :smiley: