No crossfades in Version 2.1.3 on Win 10 [SOLVED]

Been away fro audio editing for a while and downloaded Audacity (newest version) yesterday and was impressed… but no crossfade tracks or crossfade clips appear on my dropdown effect menu. They’re listed as enabled in the add/remove plug-ins list but do not come up while editing. As it’s a basic need… where are they? The only other issue I’ve noted is the (stupid) “set default” headphones/speakers function on Win 10 doesn’t always seem to communicate with Audacity and I get no sound on speaker. Mostly editing on headphones of course, but…? HELP!

Check that your version of Audacity actually is 2.1.3 by looking in “Help > About Audacity”.
Note that the crossfade effects are listed “below the line” near the bottom of the Effect menu.

Thanks Steve! Did a dump and new download and all is well with my earlier issues. I can’t be sure exactly what was wrong, but my dropdown on effects would not extend past the first section of choices-- all is visible and working now. I REALLY like this program…