No control points/handles in envelope tool?

In the previous version, when I selected the Envelope tool and clicked on a horizontal border in the waveform, control points/handles would appear that let me shape the amplitude. In the latest version, no control points or handles appear. Has this useful feature been removed, or is there a step added to make the Envelope tool work?

The top-edge “horizontal border” now includes the name of the track/clip, and is used to grab it.
The envelope-tool behaves as previously, but immediately below that border …
audcaity 3-x-x envelope in action.gif

Thank you Trebor for the terrific example.

I was able to use the Envelope tool in other tracks; so I duplicated the problematic one. After finding that the tool works properly in the duplicated track, I deleted the old one.

In the problematic track, I was able to move the horizontal bar to modify the amplitude but no handles appeared; so creating a shape was impossible. Apparently, duplicating a track corrects the formatting. I suspect there is a bug, albeit a minor one.

Thanks again for lending a hand.