No control of recording level/volume

Hello, I have little experience with Audacity and could use some help if possible. I use windows 11 and have had this issue with Audacity 3.1 & 3.3. I have no control of the recording level/volume. The recordings are pretty good however I can’t “fine tune” the audio levels. Most recordings are from the internet. Thanks,

Recording the Internet is not easy. The system has to Play the internet sound, turn it around, and inject it into the Recording pathway. They’re different. The Recording pathway will see the sound arriving from a digital source and so will freeze the volume controls.

The Playback, however, may still be adjustable. That works, but that’s the same pathway you’re listening to. So you may not get good Recording volume and good listening volume at the same time.

This is a pretty common problem, so software has been developed to get around this. I’m not on Windows.

This is a similar problem people have recording their Zoom conversations. In that case, Zoom is in there “helping” you with volume controls.


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