No audio on CD recording [SOLVED]

I’m trying to record a Cassette tape to Audacity to burn a CD. Can hear audio on the recording and playback. Save and open with Windows Media Player to burn on CD. Burns the CD but NO audio.
I’ve tried changing all of the settings tabs but can’t get anything to work. Just keep wasting CD’s.
unfortunately using Windows 10 2.1.3


When you have recorded, you should then “Export” the audio as a 16-bit WAV file, and the “Project Rate” in the lower left corner of the main Audacity window should be set at 44100. That gives you a standard 16-bit 44.1 kHz WAV, which is the correct format for an audio CD.
Check that the WAV file plays correctly.
If you want more than one track on the CD, each track should be exported as a separate WAV file.

When you burn the audio files to CD, ensure that you tell the CD burning software to make an “audio” CD (not a “data” CD).
For more info, see:

I don’t use Windows Media Player to burn CDs, but many people do and it should work…

What format did you export to? (WAV, MP3, etc.?) Is there anything “unusual” about the program length or number of files, or the format? Or, is it just a “typical” stereo audio CD with 10 or 15 3-minute songs?

What does Windows Explorer show when you look at the CD? What kind of error do you get when you try to play the CD? Or, does it play a 3-minute song silently for 3-minutes?, etc.?

If you see WAV, or MP3 files, etc., you have burned “computer files” onto the CD and made a “data disc”, not an audio CD. You can play audio files on a data disc on your computer, just as you can play files on your hard drive but it won’t play in a regular CD player.

There’s a CD Burn quick trick. Only the Audio CD tools asks you if you want to change the gap between songs. The default is two seconds. The other burning options don’t have that setting.

The other burning options may produce “magic” disks; they play on the computer, but not in your older camper or SUV. Those are probably not Audio CDs. The computers will play anything. Your Winnebago is likely looking for a real Audio CD.


Thanks everyone for the help. Had everything correct but saw Doug and Steve mention of the data and audio disc. That was the problem. I forgot about checking that on Windows Media Player. It was set on data.
Working now. Appreciate the help.