no audio in

Using windows 10, have used audacity successfully for months with same mic and Soundblaster USB sound card.
Recently did some things to record audio from cassette, and now cannot get any audio reading using the mic…just a flat line instead of wave form. Have done Transport>rescan audio devices (nothing seems to happen). Turned off and restarted computer. Cked all Audacity settings and they seem OK, although when undo test attempt to record, the microphone meter reverts to zero, even though I moved it up to 80% for the test. How do I get Audacity to register my mic input like it used to?
Any advice? thx.

Are we talking the SoundBlaster soundcard inside your computer? Audacity has nothing to do with it until Windows figures out what it’s doing. Set up the sound in Windows and then launch Audacity and pick the device in the device toolbar.

I’m not a Windows elf, so you’re on your own there.


Thx. think you’re on the right track…something seems to have to learn what’s going on. Thought it was Audacity, but could be windows. I am not a computer or tech guy and still have no clue how windows 10 works. (basically hate it…still stuck on windows 7 which I finally got used to and liked).
To try and fix audio problem, I re-loaded both the Soundblaster USB soundcard software (am using it cause HP 110 soundcard is lousy), and newest version of Audacity.
Found the computer recording level was automatically going to Zero and on Mute every time I tried recording. Audacity mic level would go to zero same time.
After several tries manually moving computer recording levels and clicking it off mute, levels stayed up and off mute, and I was able to record :05 sec of audio w/ audacity before wave form went level. Next two tries was able to record whole cut. Seems to be OK now…we’ll see.
My advice to anyone facing a similar problem is keep trying several times at least, and hope whatever is doing the learning is able to do so.