No audio from keyboard via PC

I’ve connected my Korg Kross directly to my PC (Windows 10) via USB. I have downloaded necessary drives for the keyboard and when I open Audacity I can see several tabs with the word Korg on them from the drop downs in ‘Line’ and ‘Speaker’, so I know its there. Unfortunately, I cant hear the keyboard through my selected speaker setting on Audacity. I use a Bose system connected to my PC. The sound bar moves when I hit a key on the korg but no audio. Could anyone help with any settings I’ve missed or done wrong please? I’m trying to bypass my mixing desk and go directly from korg to PC but if I cant hear the Korg it’s obviously quite useless! Many thanks

Just quickly checking the specs, the USB connection on your keyboard appears to be MIDI (not digital audio) and Audacity is NOT a MIDI application. :frowning:

If you have a desktop computer with a regular soundcard you can connect the keyboard’s analog output to line-in on the soundcard. (The mic input in a laptop is not “correct”.)

Or, there are USB audio interfaces with line inputs.

It also appears that you can record directly to an SD card with the keyboard. You might be able to read the files from the SD card via USB.

Or, you can get a DAW or other MIDI application. It’s more complex, but it allows you to change notes & timing or change the instrument after “recording”. (You may not be able to get the same-exact instrument sound that you’re hearing directly from the keyboard.)

One other possibility. Tell the keyboard to run the MIDI software inside your computer (most computer have it). After you get that running, configure Audacity to record “Music Playing On The Computer.”

You’re really recording your computer under MIDI control of the keyboard.

One problem MIDI has since it’s machine control, not sound, is you can play a MIDI piano song on three different computers and get three different piano sounds. I used to like seeing what my MIDI songs sounded like in the wrong instrument.


Thanks Koz and Doug. So, although I have connected the keyboard to the PC with what I thought was a regular USB connection (trident shaped symbol on back of keyboard), my PC still thinks it’s a MIDI input? I have separate MIDI connections on the keyboard so I assumed that they were for recording MIDI and the USB was for a more general keyboard to PC connection. I will try to connect keyboard to PC via the ‘line in’ on the PC and see if that works. Previously I connected the keyboard direct to my Allen & Heath analogue mixing desk (any mono channel), then the desk to the PC via regular USB and had no problem.