No Audio Detected Sonoma 14.5 On M1 Max Mac

I had to upgrade my hardware from an Intel Mac to a Silicon box. When I did so, I found Audacity no longer registers any input from any source. I have done the following:

updated box to Sonoma 14.5
updated to Audacity 3.5.1
Updated FFMPEG libraries
Checked the input device
Disconnected all other external devices and selected the internal microphone
Made sure silent monitoring is disabled

In every case, the app shows no input on the record level toolbars while the Sounds system setting for the OS registers incoming audio on its bar graph from whatever source I select, be it internal microphone or USB codec (ION turntable).

So the audio is entering the computer via various paths but the app hears none of them. I have tried everything on the Troubleshooting FAQ and am out of ideas.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

Did you grant to Audacity access to the “Microphone” in the system settings / Privacy?

Yes, I did. But no audio shows up from any source. I have three USB external devices (two ION turntables, one ION tape deck), only one of which is ever connected at a time so Audacity won’t get confused. All of them worked fine on the old box but none work now, and all of them show audio input in the Mac’s Sound setting bar graph when they are playing.

I’m beginning to think the problem is in the Core Audio host. I don’t know if that was changed somehow for the Silicon Macs, and if so whether there’s some third party host I could use instead.

But thanks for your suggestion. I’ll poke around some more. Wish I had not gotten rid of my old Intel Mac box…

I forgot to mention that as part of my testing, I loaded some projects created on the older Mac, and those file play as normal: the audio meters bounce and I hear sound from my selected output device. So this seems to be purely an input problem.

The “Core Audio” host works well for me with macOS Sonoma with Audacity 3.5.1 and a Griffin iMic adapter. But I stilll have an Intel MacBook Air. If it really was a problem with the Macs using the Apple processor, we would have read hear many more complaintsm I think.

I also think that Audacity would not get confused about more than one device connected simultaneously, it would just show them in the devices list. Probably only you would be confused when more than one device with the same description shows up… :wink:

Yeah, that’s why I figured it must be something on my end. But I’ve gone over everything I can and am still nonplussed. Hopefully someone else on this board will have had the same issue and come up with a solution. Thank you though.