newbie - usb recording

Hi there,

Excuse my ignorance.
My band uses an 18 channel head with a tablet as an interface. We would like to record a gig and have the ability to use a USB output, that would capture all tracks.

So the big question…would this work with audacity?

I know this is pretty vague, but so is my knowledge.

Thanks in advance for any input (pun intended).


It’s possible to record multi-track in Audacity.

Multi-channel Recording in Audacity


What usually happens is the data stream arrives as clutches of stereo tracks. So you can record Tracks One and Two—or—Tracks Three and Four—or—Tracks Five and Six, etc. I think it’s driver management that allows you to record everything at once.

Probably not nearly as plug and play as you would like.


tablet as an interface.

I assume the tablet is running Windows and Audacity basically works? Or is that separate from the recording setup?

My band uses an 18 channel head with a tablet as an interface.

Is that an 18-channel mixer with a stereo USB output, or a full multi-channel audio interface?

Multitrack recording can be “tricky” and from what I see here on the forum very few people are multitracking with Audacity.

It’s data-intense because all of that data has to be captured in real-time. Most problems are related to the multitasking operating system, which is always multitasking even if you’re running only one application… Some people get glitches recording in stereo!

My main recommendation is that you test-out the setup before doing any critical recording. “Computers are unreliable” so it’s always a bit scary if there’s no chance of “take two” and it’s especially scary if you haven’t used the setup before.