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I’ve had Audacity installed on my Win10 desktop for a while now. Just updated to vers 3.4.2 today.
I’ve recently convertred 8mm film to MP4 files and hope to use audacity to create voice and/or music over some of these MP4 files. Any hints available?

Try dragging and dropping the MP4 file into Audacity.

If that doesn’t work, install FFmpeg into Audacity …

NB: Audacity only edits sound, not video.
You’ll need video editing software to marry the new audio to a copy of the video.
List of video editing software - Wikipedia #

You don’t need to open the MP4 in Audacity unless you want to edit the existing audio (if any).

For voice over, you’ll get the best results with a good USB “podcast microphone” or a studio condenser mic and an USB audio interface.

As noted in a previous reply, Audacity will only do audio and still leaves you with needing to sync audio to video. Your best solution to to leap into the “exciting (learning curve)” world of video editing. Go to BlackMagicdesign website and download the FREE version of Reslove 18.6 (Forget all the other free video editors, none are in the class and quality of Resolve). It will be easy to add, edit and sync your audio to your video. A learning curve but well worth it.

@MaxN, I hadn’t heard of DaVinci Resolve until I read your post: thanks for that!

Always good to hear about video editing software apart from the obvious ones (such as Adobe and Avid), especially when they have had the good common sense to make a free version, so budding post- editors can get their chops together before looking for a job. And of course, so that us “little guys” can use genuinely pro-quality video software without needing to arrange a second mortgage first. :wink:

One does seem to have to contribute contact details in order to use Resolve, but that does seem to me to be a small (?) price to pay.

… and now we return you to our scheduled audio topics … :laughing:

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