Newbie question

Hi guys, total newbie here.
I’ve just started using Audacity with a USB audio interface (behringerUMC202HD).
Downloaded the W10 driver, hooked up with Audacity no problems.
It records and plays back both channels.
But how do I get Audacity to put the signal straight through to the computer speakers while recording, or even when just playing and not recording. There must be a way to do this, but I can’t find it. :neutral_face:
At the moment all I have is the headphones on the behringer.
Your help would be appreciated.
Cheers, Steve G

Tick "software playthrough of input" in Audacity preferences. NB: Inevitably there will be a (software) delay.
( Whereas monitoring via headphones connected to the Behringer there is no delay ).

Thanks Trebor, I’ll give that a go. :smiley: