Newbie question: how to trim high/loud sound on entire clip at once?

Hello everyone,

I do not know Audacity very well and am trying to help out with the ‘clean-up’ of the audio on a (non-professionally) recorded program. No one is expecting ‘pro’ results, believe me :laughing:

There are just some parts of the audio where the presenter sort of ‘cackles’ (laughs) and it’s a painful-to-hear sound. He does this off and on throughout the entire program (which is all-day Sat-Sun program — probably about 6 hours worth of spoken audio) :open_mouth:.

What I am looking for is a broad brushstroke of an ‘Effect’ or Setting that will trim (lower) those extreme sounds down just enough without making the audio muffled or unlistenable. Ideally a setting I can apply to the entire recording, preview the correction, and export the audio. One and done.

Can anyone point me in a direction to go on this?

I am doing this on a Mac laptop using OS X 10.12.6 (Sierra) and Audacity 2.3.2

Thank you so much!

If the cackles are louder than everything else try (soft) Limiter (with no make-up gain).

If the cackles are clipping then it’s going to more difficult to fix …
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You’ll probably get the BEST results manually editing the offensive parts (if it’s worth the effort to you).

The [u]Envelope Tool[/u] can “fade-down” the annoying parts so they are actually quieter than the rest of the program. (And, the trick is to “fade” without making any sudden-distracting up-or-down jumps in volume.)

The automatic tools (compression, limiting, leveling) will “trend” everything toward the same volume.

DVDdoug and Trebor —

Thank you for taking the time to reply and provide this info. I will take it all into account and hopefully be able to take care of the ‘cackles’ and harsh static sounds.

Thank you again!