[NEWBIE] Most menu items grayed out - can't copy [SOLVED]

Each week I attend a djembe class and record the class (about 2 hours). Within each class there are about 6 short periods where the instructor teaches the class the basic pattern for a new rhythm. I would like to copy the corresponding region into a new file or simply break the region out into a separate track that I can quickly go to in order to learn and practice the rhythm.

However, when I select a region in Audacity, none of the functions listed in the online manual are available to me – they are all grayed out. This includes:

  • Edit->Remove Special->Split Cut
  • Edit->Remove Special->Split Delete
  • Edit->Clip Boundaries->Split
  • Edit->Clip Boundaries->Split New

In fact, many of the Edit functions are grayed out and unavailable (Cut, Delete, Copy, Paste, Duplicate, etc.)

What do I need to do to achieve my objective? Should these menu items be active? Do I have a limited version of Audacity and have to pay to access all these functions?

Jonathan Abrams
Windows 8.1
Audacity 2.1.0

Most functions are unavailable while playing, recording or paused.
Click the “Stop” button, then try the edit commands.

Thanks Steve. Now I’ve got that working.