Newbie, how to delete tracks [SOLVED]

Pardon my ignorance… I just downloaded the latest version and have been playing with controls and made just a couple phrases of recording via microphone.
I just want to delete the tracks and have a clean screen to start again … How do I delete tracks which either have or have not been saved?
Also notice that a right mouse click on track seems to move the timeline and recording visible… .how is that to be used?
Thanks very much !

If you import music or press Record, Audacity will create a fresh track for you.
Delete a track with the [X] on the left of the track.

If you plan on using Projects, it’s very important to know that Projects do not save UNDO. So you can UNDO and get in and out of effects and filters all you want as long as you never save the Project and close Audacity. The Project will save where you were, but all the UNDO goes away.

Also, the only way to create a sound file useful for other programs is to Export. Audacity will not Save a sound file.


Thanks very much!