NEWBIE - How to clean a mp3 recording...


I was stupid enought to record using “WMA mono 4 kbps” when recording a speech! Now I have made it into MP3, to se if I can get the voice of the speaker more clear.
What can I do in Audacity to clean this up, and make it clearer?

You can hear the original here: 1.7 MB

Hope someone can help me…

Greeting from Norway!


Most likely there is no other option than re-recording. Extreme low bit rates throw away most of the audio data so as to reduce the file size and there is no way to retrieve that discarded data because it is not there.

Yah, that recording is pretty much toast. It’s not a matter of there being information that you want sorted out, like noise. Rather, the information just ain’t there. Better luck next time.

understand… and I know.
Ut is it not posibel to take away some og the noise?