Newbie help- no audio from midi

I just installed Audacity for the first time. I’m using Win 7 with a Scarlett 2i2 interface and a Oxygen 61 midi keyboard. Preferences are set to: MME/Line in-Scarlett/2 stereo record/ Line Out Scarlett.

I can import audio files into Audacity and play them back OK. Playing the midi realtime I get great sound…recording levels are turned up in the systray…but when I record in Audacity I get no levels…zero input. I’ve gone through the tutorials but I can’t seem to get Audacity to record.

Gotta be something simple I’m missing. Any ideas?

Audacity doesn’t support MIDI. I record my keyboard through the headphone (analog) connection.


Thanks. Surprising though…I saw in a 2008 faq that it didn’t support midi, but I thought someone would have resolved it 7 years later. Its not like its an unusual format.

True, it’s not an unusual format, but also it is not an “audio” format (see: Audacity is a multi-track “audio” editor.

Many years ago there was a developer that was particularly interested in being able to import and display MIDI files, and he added that functionality to Audacity. That code still works, so it has been kept in. He also wrote some experimental code for playing MIDI files, but that was never completed and that developer has not worked directly on Audacity for a long time (though he is the principal developer of one of the software libraries that Audacity users, so we are still in touch :wink:) That experimental code still exists should any new developer be interested on working on MIDI support, but as an audio editor, MIDI is not a top priority.

I thought someone would have resolved it

If you’re a developer, I’m sure we’d be happy to work with you.