Newbie-can't find the tools everyone is talking about

I have failed to pass ACX’s standards. I have been searching through the boards and keep hearing about ACX check plug in but when I go to add/remove plug-ins, it’s not on the list.
One of my failures was my noise floor was too high. I already applied noise reduction but apparently not enough? Everyone on the boards seems to know what their noise floor is and I can’t even figure out how to determine what my noise floor is to adjust the noise reduction to the right amount.
I don’t speak soundtech-ese. HELP!

If you haven’t done so already download ACX check [u]here[/u] and then copy it to your plug-ins folder (more information [u]here[/u]). Then you should be able to enable it.

Once it’s installed and enabled you should find it under the Analyze tab. (It’s not in Effects with the other plug-ins.)

I already applied noise reduction but apparently not enough?

Just FYI - Too much “artificial” noise reduction can get you rejected too…

What was the commentary they sent? Can you cut and paste the whole thing to a forum message?

It’s a mistake to reduce one of their multi-point messages to one solution. Sometimes they are misleading because they can’t see your original reading before you applied corrections.

when I go to add/remove plug-ins, it’s not on the list.

Sometimes a download will add .txt to the end of the filename and Windows will try to hide it from you. Right-click the file > Get Info? I’m not a Windows elf, so that may be different on your machine. If the filename has .txt added to the end, delete and try to install it again.

Failing noise can mean many different failures and Noise Reduction may not help.

I don’t speak soundtech-ese.

Many people find recording in a real sound studio and have them process the voice works a lot better than trying to do it at home. At home, you are the recording engineer and you get to solve all the problems. This is a tech-heavy process and it’s rough to get around that. The microphone sellers want you to think this is easy. It’s not easy.


That shouldn’t be a problem if you use Audacity 2.3.2 and the Nyquist Plug-in Installer:
(The installer takes care of the file extension if it has incorrectly had “.txt” appended)