Newbie can't even time-shift

Sorry to ask an obvious question, but the manual, FAQs, and forum search hasn’t yielded an answer yet.

I am running 2.3.3 in Ubuntu Studio 16.10. I simply want to time-shift everything past a certain point in a track to the right. The selection probably has multiple clips; I was using punch and roll to make a rough vocal track for remote rehearsal purposes. I select the region I want to move, then switch to the time shift tool.

When I click and drag the region to the right, nothing happens. But when I move the cursor to the left, it will shift the entire track. I have tried cutting the region and pasting it later, but then when I try to line it up with the click track, I can’t slide it either direction.

I figured this simple task would take less than a minute, but I have spent hours on it. What am I missing here?

How have you installed 2.3.3? Is it a PPA version, or a Snap or Flatpak version?
Does the standard deb version from the main Ubuntu repository work?

If it’s like there is an invisible block in the way, then zoom in very close on the position of that invisible block. There may be a tiny audio fragment in the way that is invisible when zoomed out.

I am using a PPA; Ubuntu doesn’t have it in the repo, at least not for 16.10.

I don’t quite know what you mean about zooming in to find some tiny piece of audio that’s blocking. I am trying to move the whole track except for about the first 30 seconds; how would I know where to zoom in? The whole thing is stuck unless I move the other way.

What happened was I came in too early on my vocal and threw off the rest of the song. I just want to slide it over 3 beats. The click track is right above it.

Ubuntu has Audacity 2.1.2.
You should probably be thinking about updating to a more recent version of Ubuntu. (Ubuntu eoan has Audacity 2.3.2. Ubuntu focal has Audacity 2.3.3)

Zoom in on the right hand edge of the track.

OK, thanks that was helpful. I trimmed off the end of the track, and the track moved. I still had to figure out how to split the selection off with Edit>Clip Boundries>Split, but that wasn’t hard to find in the manual. I’ll upgrade when I can.

Thanks again,