Newbie, apply effects only on a section of a track

HI everybody,

I’m really new in Audacity and I working in editing some tracks I recorded with my band. I would like to use the Echo or Delay effect only in the beginning and the end of a track but at the end the result is the effect applied on the whole track. What I’m doing wrong? I read some other topics regard effects, maybe should I copy the original track into a new track 2 and cut the section I only wants the effect to be generated? Hope u can help me!



You can select the part of the track you want to apply the effect to, by clicking and dragging the mouse over the blue waves in the track display. The background of the part of the track you have selected will go a darker grey. If you don’t select a particular section of the track, the efect will be applied to the whole track, as you have seen.

See this page from the wiki: