New Windows 11 computer, no USB Codec input option for Monolith USB Turntable

I recently replaced my old computer (Windows 10) with a new Dell Windows 11 all in one.
I do not see any options for a USB Codec input in Audacity when I connect my Monolith USB turntable. My only option is the USB Microphone.
All worked perfectly in Windows 10.
Am I missing a driver, or will this function correctly to record in stereo from LPs using the USB Microphone settings?

You have to enable the USB device in Windows sound panel before Audacity can “see” it …

If you don’t actually have a USB mic connected Windows is just assuming the turntable is a mic and it should work fine. But, make sure Windows is configured for a stereo “microphone”.

And make sure any microphone "enhancements are turned off.

OK, I have it set up as ‘standard’ USB microphone, in 2 channel stereo. I will give that a try.
Thanks for the help.

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