New way to quickly fix clipping

I used to have a workflow to eliminate clipping quickly, but audacity changed in the few years since I used it last, I got version 2.1 on mac osx 10.12.4 and there is no “fix clip” … I did ‘amplify -6’ and can ‘draw’ using the ‘pen’ tool for small clipping due to a mic bump, but when the presenter speaks loudly there are a few times per hour that the ‘repair’ effect wont work and I’d be drawing with the pen forever. Help!
Screenshot at May 11 17-10-04.png
Screenshot at May 11 17-11-12.png

I’m not sure I understand. There is a Clip Fix. Maybe the name change is why you couldn’t find it?

It won’t do massive clipping or repeated light clipping because it uses clean work before and after the clip to guess at the fix. If there is no clean sound anywhere, that’s the end of the world. Shoot it again.

Clipping is generally fatal. During the damage points, the digital system stops following the show. There is no show to rescue; the sound is garbage during the clip points.


It looks like the page u linked is the windows version. I’m on a mac. Do I need a windows machine to use the clip fix tool?

Also, there are just three or four shouted words per hour that clip… I just want to make the hour long tape cleaner by bringing down the volume and jarring noise for these few words… the issue is since a word may las a second or two that might be 100-200 samples, so I cant clean the waveform up with a pen tool.

The ClipFix effect is the same on all platforms. There are minor cosmetic differences depending on the operating system, but otherwise identical.

Looking at the first image (zoomed in) in your first post, I’m pretty sure that the waveform there is too badly damaged to be effectively repaired. Probably the best you can do is to use the Equalization effect or the “Bass and Treble” effect to reduce the amount of treble, and reduce the volume level so that the sound is not too painful (but the trade-off is that it will then sound muffled).

It looks like the page u linked is the windows version.

It’s the Manual page. I can’t find the actual program.