New Version Doesn't Have 'Reverse Speech' Function?

I’m on a new laptop Windows 8. I had Audacity on my Windows 7 and was using it for reverse-speech projects. I just d/l’d the newest version 2.0.5, and cannot find how to use reverse speech with it.

Don’t you have Effect > Reverse? I have that effect in both 2.0.3 and 2.0.5, so we didn’t leave it out.


Effect was all greyed out until I moved my scroll bar all the way up, then I couldn’t see anything below Reverb, and no arrow, so I had to change my screen resolution. All very frustrating, and affects whether I can see other pages and programs or not.

But anyway, yes, now I have it.

You can call up Effect > Reverse more easily by assigning a keyboard shortcut to it. See: .