new user with windows 8 having problems getting started!

Hi, despite following the manual instructions re getting started I am struggling, can someone please help me? I want to bring 2 pieces of music together and edit them. Also, Is it easiest to access the music files via itunes or spotify? I may need to speak to someone on the phone and get them to talk me through the set up if that is possible?

See here for how to do join two files together so they come one after the other:
Audacity Manual .

Have you read Audacity Manual ? What edits do you want to make?

When you have edited, you have to “export” to save as an audio file for other programs to use. Do you want to export as MP3 or MP4? Those file formats lose a little quality but don’t take much space on the drive.

For MP3 export you have to add LAME . For MP4 export you have to add FFmpeg .

All Audacity can do is export to a physical folder on your hard drive. You cannot use Audacity itself to upload files to web sites on the internet.

There are some instructions here for getting your exported Audacity files onto iTunes: Audacity Manual .

Not possible, I’m afraid. We are all volunteers spread around the globe and working from home, not employees working in an office.


Is it easiest to access the music files via itunes or spotify?

Did you mean to get the two original music files from those suppliers? I’m guessing either one assuming they’re not copy protected files. iTunes will not let you drag music to the desktop if it’s under FairPlay protection. There are two desperation methods. Play the music and use SoundFlower to “turn it around” and record it in Audacity, or the classic way of burning an Audio CD and then rip the CD.


Thanks, Koz. Yes as you can’t upload to Spotify, louiesmum probably did mean getting the files from iTunes or Spotify.

I would say iTunes will be the better source if it has the music. Most iTunes songs are now free of copy protection (DRM). If you have an old copy of a song that has DRM, then if you pay $25 for a subscription to iTunes Match, you can get non-DRM replacement songs for no extra charge (if available). See iTunes - Official Apple Support .

On the other hand if the songs are on Spotify you can’t do much else than record them, as you are not allowed to download any content.

Note that Soundflower for recording computer playback is only available for Mac. To record computer playback on Windows, see Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows .