New user registrations seems to be not working properly

I noticed on the audacity discord that I was the second person to report not receiving a welcome email and verification link. I use iCloud mail and the other chap was on yahoo mail.

This should probably be looked into as many people will just register, not get the email and then give up, continuing to pursue is probably only done by a minority of new members. I should imagine for every me and the other chap - 2 people, there’s probably 40 who haven’t chased it.

I’m aware that Yahoo mail can sometimes be a problem for mail being sent from forum software (but not as often as Hotmail / MSN mail that routinely block forums). I wasn’t aware of such problems with iCloud mail.

It’s not possible for me to see if the problem is at our end or with the email service as I no longer have access to the server that this forum runs on, but LWinterberg has sent a message to the appropriate person (gguzman).

I noticed a user complaining about crashing when working from a project saved on a usb drive complained about having trouble registering in January so this seems like a long term issue

Are you able to see how many users haven’t clicked their validation email? That way you can get a gauge for how many people haven’t been able to use the forum after registering

Considering the extremely high number of spambots that try to post here, I doubt that would provide a reliable metric.

I also had trouble registering with an email address on my personal .info domain. I’ve had similar problems from other companies or services when they require validating my email address on this domain. For one company, once I got the account validated via a Yahoo mailbox, I had to work with their support team to change my address to the .info one I want to use, which they were able to do. I continue to receive emails to that address.

The way my .info emails work is that they are all automatically forwarded to a Yahoo mailbox. I get emails from all kinds of servers, and some that go directly into the Spam folder. If the verification email had been sent, it probably would have been received by my Yahoo account and gone into the Spam folder, too. It still could have been blocked by Yahoo if the sending server is identified as a risk, but normally they go into Spam.

To finally get registered, I had to use a gmail account and a new user name, and when the email was delivered, it went into Spam.

Given frequent problems with verification emails going to my .info domain address, as well as many that are received OK, I suspect the sending server or system isn’t allowing emails to .info addresses and needs to be adjusted.


Some people who have problems registering with the Audacity forum are able to get help on the Discord channel. See here: or here: