new to Mac

a few questions…
will Mac mojave pick up my Steinberg RT2 right away?? where do you select it…??
How many tracks can I do on Audacity generally??
Any tips for Mac users?? I have i7 and 8 gig ram.

Any tips for Mac users??

Mac what? I’m typing on a Mac Mini.

How many tracks can I do on Audacity generally??

Manage? I think it’s up to hundreds. The limit is the horsepower of the machine and the speed and size of the drive.

Record? Audacity can record multi-track under some conditions.

Some interfaces just fall right in with no extra software. You should know that Audacity doesn’t easily support ASIO software. So if your interface needs that, it may be a problem.

Plug the Steinberg in, wait a second and Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Sound > Input. The Steinberg (or whatever they called it) should be listed there and the bouncing ball sound meter should bounce when you sing, talk or scratch the microphone.

There is a security level change before Audacity becomes visible in Mojave and I have to look it up.


– Bill

Here it is. You have to give Audacity permission to use the microphone.


mac air 2017 mojave
I only want to record 2 mics stereo at a time …midi separately …
any problem with that??

This is a huge question with no easy answer.
How will the two mics be connected to the Mac? Through a mixer I presume?
Audacity does not record or create MIDI tracks. It can import and edit MIDI tracks, but it is not one of our strengths.
How will the MIDI be created? How will it be brought into Audacity? Do you have any experience with MIDI?
Do you have any experience with audio mixers and microphones?
What is the ultimate goal (end product)?

– Bill

You were fine until you said “MIDI.” That’s not Audaity’s strong suit.

If you open the Steinberg stereo, record stereo and plug a separate microphone into left and right, you should be able to record both microphones separately—as long as they’re not in the same room. Unless you’re in a very well behaved studio, there is always going to be some leakage between left and right just through room echoes.

So for a multi-microphone podcast, for example, there’s only so much correction you can do to one microphone without messing up the other.

There are also comb effects (talking in a jar) if you get the microphones too close to each other and then try to mix down to mono—to post a podcast, for example.