New to Audacity with a question about split tracks with fade in and out

I’m using Audacity 3.1.3 Windows 11

I’ve used search on the forum, looked at older posts, I got to page 50 and admit I’m beat! with no answer

Good clear info on how split tracks and how to use fade in and out. Both ok if I do them separate.

My Question is
I have a 180 min audio file in Audacity and I want to split it into 6 parts then (and if able) for each part to have fade in and out then export 6 split files. My reason for this it would be a lot quicker if I wanted to do multiple file splits and need fade in/out without having to import and export twice.

Thought I had got it right but upon checking the converted files they had wrong playback times and just for good measure had a long gap of silence at the ends. :mrgreen:


It would help if you say exactly how you are going about this. Perhaps you need to select Edit > Preferences > Import/Export > Ignore blank space at the beginning.

  1. Add one label at the start, and another 5 labels at suitable positions to mark the start of each file.
    Here I have numbered them 1 to 6, but you could use more meaningful names.
    (See: Label Tracks - Audacity Manual)

2. Zoom in on one of the labels and select the audio that starts a few seconds from before the label, up to the label position.
Note that when the selection reaches the label position you will see a yellow vertical “snap” line.
(See: Zooming Overview - Audacity Manual)

3. Apply the “Fade Out” effect

4. In similar fashion, select from a few seconds after the label, back to the label position, and apply the “Fade In” effect.

5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for each label position.

6. Then use “Export Multiple” based on “Labels”.
See: Exporting multiple audio files - Audacity Manual

Thank you Jademan & Steve I appreciate both of your time taken help. I have copied this page and will kept it close to hand. Excellent tutorial I hope it helps anyone wanting to the same thing.

I thought about writing more details with my first post but did not want to make it too lengthy and maybe make matters worse. Could they get any worse? probably if it has anything to do with me.

Just a bit more info to explain how I got here. I Used ctrl+B where I wanted labels. I used ctrl+I to split each file then moved each one slightly apart. Once all six were separated I used fade in and out on each file. I should have known something wasn’t right when the label markers did not move when I separated. I thought by moving these along to where I had split the files, once I thought I had this cleared up I exported multiple. And the rest? it did not end well. :-} my first post was created

I can remember looking at Audacity when I had Win XP, the complexity and interface always put me off, sort of intimidating :-}

Thanks Again