New to audacity need some help with settings + record qualit

Ok i am very new to audacity and need help. I am recording house music sets and then burning them onto CD’s

1st. question

I read this in the tutorial, how do i set this?

“Important: The selection format for the track that contains the audio clip to be split has to be :
cdda min:sec:frames 75fps (from ruler)”

2nd question

I recorded an hour long set and saved it to my pc. When i listned to it, it sounded good but when i burn it to a CD the sound quality sounds like crap. How do i fix this. I know when i recorded the mix the levels might have been to high ill try that. But it sounds good on my pc why doesnt it sound good after i burn it?

Dont know what im supposed to list but i have windows vista, the microphone is set at 2 channel 16 bit 44100 Hz, the microphone level is set at 19 (no boost)

Ok i may have found the answer to my first question, its under set selection format. Now im going to try to split the tracks up.

Any help on how to get better sound quality let me know.

Oh yea a lot of settings on audacity were set to 32 bit but on my pc its says something about my stuff being set to 16 bit. Should i change the settings on audacity to 16 bit?