New to Audacity, need help changing bitrate on a WAV file

As title says, I’ve never used Audacity, or any audio editing program in fact, and need help changing the bit rate for a WAV file. I don’t really know what anything means, and everything I search tells me to open the options when exporting, which I can’t do with a WAV file. Could anyone help? I’m trying to get it to be 1411 bit rate so TF2 can actually read it. I’ll attach the file if anyone is wondering what the settings are on it.

I presume you mean a bit rate of 1411.2 kb/s.
It already has a bit rate of 1411.2 kb/s.

We usually don’t “talk about” the bitrate of uncompressed files but it’s easy to calculate if you know the bit depth, sample rate, and number of channels (i.e. stereo is two channels, mono is one channel). 1411kbps is the bitrate for audio CDs:

16 bits X 44.1K samples per second X 2 channels = 1411kbps.

A 32-bit 44.1kHz mono file or a 16-bit 88.2kHz mono file would have the same bitrate, but I’m pretty sure those are NOT what you need.

Hm, then there must be something wrong with it in-game, as it just doesn’t play.

Yeah… That would be a question for game support, or the game forum, or maybe for a game hacking forum, etc.

Yep, will try somewhere else. Thanks for the help though!