New to Audacity, have question

Hi everyone,
Please go easy on me as I am completely new to Audacity. I have been playing for 45 years. I am pretty “old school”. I have done much home recording using the old cassette type machines (Tascam, Fostex, etc.) but I have a new laptop and really want to move ahead and do my recording on AC. I am running windows 8, I downloaded AC, and was able to move mp3 files in and then overdub using the internal mic on the pc, of course the quality was poor but it did work. I still need to get a usb interface like fastrack or whatever. The issue is when I play back any thing in AC, it is just static and noise. I have un-stalled about 4 times and re-installed and always get the same issue? As I said the first download worked great. Now when I un-stall, I do get a message something to the effect that there are still some components that didn’t get un-installed and that I can do them manually, which I don’t know where to look or how to find them and delete, or un-install? I really want to use AC.
Could someone please give me some advice and direction as to why I am having the problem? After this post I am going to download again, and see what happens? But, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Did you see a portion of the installer that invites you to completely reinstall Audacity? Normal install leaves behind configuration files and that can cause problems.

It’s best not to use abbreviations in questions. The elves come from everywhere and we’re not going to have the same frames of reference.

Launch Audacity fresh and Generate > Tone, 400Hz, any level and any duration. When Audacity is done, can you play the tone and hear it?


I tired generating the tone, but it plays back and sounds like everything else. I can re-install, but I don’t remember seeing any other choices for a complete download?’

Uninstalling Audacity rarely solves anything unless you also check the “Reset Preferences” box when you reinstall.

Before you uninstall Audacity, you have to quit it. If you are concerned, open Windows Explorer and manually delete the Audacity installation folder if it is still there after uninstalling.

When you launch Audacity after reinstalling it, look in Device Toolbar to make sure you are choosing the correct output device .