New to audacity - crop a song

Hello , my name is nour. I have a song that i want to use for my wedding, i want to edit parts of the song like crop them completely and then mix parts of another song in the cropped parts. I am new to this and i kept trying, i read the manual but still couldnt do it. Can someone please help me? i just want to crop 3 parts of the song it would really mean alot to me, its for my wedding :smiley: :smiley:

thank you

On Mac, substitute COMMAND for CTRL in the below shortcuts.

Drag-select each part you want to crop and CTRL + ALT + K to split delete those sections. This creates “gaps” in the song.

In the track underneath which has the new song, drag-select the part or parts you want to mix into the other song and CTRL + T to trim so that you only have those parts.

Then drag your new audio parts which are in the track underneath by pressing F5 for Time Shift Tool. Click and drag those new parts so that they occupy the same part of the Timeline as the gaps you made in the original song. Switch back to Selection Tool using F1 as soon as you have finished dragging.

If it is more convenient, CTRL + X to cut a part in the new song, click where you want to paste that part, then CTRL + V to paste.

If your new parts are too wide for the gaps you want, drag-select in the gap using the yellow vertical lines to show when you have selected exactly the gap. Use ENTER, DOWN arrow and ENTER on your keyboard to move that selection into the track underneath. Then CTRL + T to trim the audio in the track underneath to that selected length.

Both tracks will be mixed together when you File > Export… .


Hello gale,

Thank you so much for replying to me. I really appreciate it.

Do you mind if i take your email please ? just in case i need help again…

Thank you again


Sorry, but we do not offer support by e-mail. Please just start a new topic if you have a new question.


Hello gale,

thank you for replying. no worries. But i tried to do what you told me… i have a mac book, so the buttons you told me to press arent on the mac…


Oops, Sorry. On a Mac use COMMAND instead of CTRL for all those shortcuts I mentioned, so COMMAND + ALT + K to split delete and so on.

Here is a complete list of shortcuts: .

If a specific Mac shortcut is not listed there, just substitute COMMAND for CTRL.

You can also use the menus, for example, Edit > Remove Audio or Labels > Split Delete.


Hello Gale,

Hope this finds you well. Sorry im driving you crazy i kept trying this whole morning i select the parts i want to crop and then i press the buttons nothing happens, i tried to do it from the menu it wont let me press!! please help me… i just need to crop 3 parts out… can you please do it for me? i will owe you big time… its for my wedding… i really want this song but without the upbeat parts…

Thank you

Press the yellow Stop button. Please see: .