New software 3.4.1 is crashing

I can’t open any files without crashing using 3.4.1 software. Restarted and it is still doing it.

3.4.0 and 3.4.1 have a few bugs that should be corrected in 3.4.2. Until that is released, reinstall 3.3.3 and run from that. Old Audacity versions download

I’m having the same issue with 3.4.1. Reverting to 3.4.0 fixed it for me.

Thank you. I reverted to 3.4.0 and I’m back up and running.

Noise Reduction not working period :rage:

Random crashes for me too. Also 3.4.1 the tool bar positions were messed up and recording monitor not working until I restarted

Think 3.3.3. :grinning: :wink:

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Heh, but 3.4.1 was going to save us all! Lol

My script still defaults to 3.3.3

I wanted to try music features.

Yea! ASIO for ever!

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