New Reverb variables/settings different from previous

Of the “old” Audacity Reverb settings (Roomsize, Reverb Time, Damping, Input Bandwidth, Dry Signal Level and Tail Level), only Roomsize and Damping have been carried forward into the new 2.2.2 version. The new version has seven other variable settings that were not in the older version. I was very pleased with the settings I used in the old audacity version, and am reluctant to spend time experimenting with the new settings to find the “right” sound. Is there a quick way to convert “new” to “old”? Is it possible for version 2.2.2 to “read” one of my old files to which reverb was applied and tell me what the new settings should be?
Windows 7 user. Thank you.

Audacity’s built-in Reverb effect has been unchanged for several years.

I’m guessing that the “old version” you were using was the “GVerb” plug-in that was bundled with Audacity (many years ago) before Audacity got its own built-in reverb effect.

The GVerb plug-in still available as part of the obsolete “LADSPA plug-ins for Windows”, via the Internet Archive (Wavback Machine):
Please note that these plug-ins are obsolete and no longer supported by anyone.

There is still some old information relating to GVerb on the Audacity wiki:

“Anwida Soft DX Reverb Light” is still available, and as far as I’m aware it still works well with Audacity on Windows. Some information here:

Information about Audacity’s built-in reverb effect is in the manual here: