"New Posts" - "Windows" only

I am using Audacity 3.1.3 on Windows 10 and have two questions which I think are related.
Question (1) Regarding the implementation of phpBB on this web site:-
I have my browser bookmark set to New Posts, but this seems to yield results across all forums, including Mac/OS and GNU-Linux. Is there a way to bookmark so that I see only New Posts from the Windows forum of the site?

Question (2) Regarding the different versions of Audacity and the likely content of the Windows/Mac/GNU-Linux forums:-
Is there value in my reading posts on Audacity topics from other OS? “Vocal reduction” as a topic seems to be something I should inspect as i move into using the many, many features of Audacity 3.1.3 for Windows beyond trimming the ends from audio racks, but if the different OS platforms have significantly different ways of implementing Audacity, then I am not likely to be reading useful data.


This link will display the Windows forum: https://forum.audacityteam.org/viewforum.php?f=46

By default, the posts on that page are displayed “newest first” (post time, descending), though that can be changed in the “User Control Panel” (accessed by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner).

There can be (I do). Audacity is largely the same on all platforms.

The main differences are to do with the computer sound system (which is also the most common problem). There’s not really much point in reading threads about sound system problems on other OS’s.

Due to the way that software is installed on Linux, many Linux users will be using older versions of Audacity, or will be using “Snap” / “Flatpak” / “AppImage” versions of Audacity, which are for Linux only. (The official Audacity release for Linux is an AppImage).

Depending on your interests / type of things that you use Audacity for, these boards may be of interest:
and / or

As a Linux user*, I do read the Windows and mac forums, except posts which are just about installation or getting sound to work at all, as those tend to be platform-specific.

  • appimage latest version Steve! :wink:

As far as I understand, the phpBB software doesn’t provide a link showing just new posts in a specific forum. But one thing you can do is go a single forum e.g. macOS - https://forum.audacityteam.org/viewforum.php?f=47 - and click the “Mark topics read” link just above the announcements and topics. After that, posts on that forum won’t show as new.

Thank you for your advice, duly noted and I will explore!
Cheers Chris