New Peak Amplitude Question

Hi? I have a question? I have 14 audio music files in my flash drive that need to be adjusted so that each file can be at the same peak volume. Is going to “Amplify” then setting the audio files to the same “new peak amplitude” the way to do it?

If you want constant-volume RMS normalize is better than peak normalize/amplify.

Also see … MP3Gain - Wikipedia

Perceived loudness or perceived peak volume does not correlate well with the peak waveform amplitude.

The Audacity Amplify effect will default to whatever gain (or attenuation) is needed to set the waveform peaks at 0dB (=1.0 =100%). The Normalize effect can do the same thing. So it’s easy to match the waveform peaks. Both of these effects can target lower levels if you wish.

If you have a small number of songs that you want to volume-match it’s best to do it by ear. Normalize (maximize) all of the songs for 0dB peaks. Then if they are not equally loud, choose the quietest sounding one as your reference and adjust the others down to match.

If you want to volume-match a large number of tracks (or your entire music library) you can use ReplayGain, MP3Gain, WaveGain, etc. Or Apple has something similar called Sound Check. ReplayGain and Sound Check are player features. They don’t alter the audio data in the file… MP3Gain and WaveGain “permanently” adjust the actual files so they work everywhere.

As with the manual by-ear method, the automatic methods will mostly make your loud songs quieter (because many quiet-sounding songs are already normalized/maximized).