New Modern But Recognizable Logo

Hi everyone!

I have used Audacity for a long time, and been wondering why the logo hasn’t updated a lot during the years. I’m a professional Graphic designer who mostly does logo stuff. I see it as my duty to contribute to the growth of this awesome free program. I wanted to keep the feeling of old logo, but update it to simpler and more modern looking.

PS. I streamed the whole process with commentary. I would appreciate if you follow me on

It has.

This was the old logo:

and this is the new logo:

I do like the simpler and cleaner look of your version, Kinnuunen!

I’ve never used twitch—is there a way to see the recording of your stream there?


This is such a fresh and modern proposal of the logo. I am really impressed and I liked it very very much.
I will try to convert this to an icon and, as soon as I am able to manage to compile Audacity on my macOS or Windows, attempt to replace the current icon for this new one.

Super nice. Thank you for the great work! Really really nice. More modern and fresh.

Thank you.