new mic Fifine T669

I can record with the mic and can see the recording level. Can also see playback meter when playing back the track, however, cannot hear the track through speakers. I have done all the setting speakers/mic as default, have been to System/Sound many times and followed all directions. Frankly, I have spent days struggling with audacity and with very little success, and using other mics. With other mics had trouble getting anything to record. With this mic can’t get playback. If I turn gain all the way up I can almost hear the track. Obviously this is unacceptable. Also, buying another mic is out of the question. I need to make THIS mic work. This should be possible.

have managed to get playback by messing with sound control on the mic. Again, not sure if this was the causal factor or if I touched something else.

You may have Microphone & Microphone-boost sliders to increase the recording level,
see …

Do you have your speakers or your microphone selected as the playback device ?