New logo

Audacity is getting evolved every a few months. Athough, the logo has been the same, old fashioned logo. Me, as a designer, I am giving you my services absolutely free! If you are interested please tell me how do you want it to be and you will have it. Thank you, George Nirakis

Thanks for the offer George.

An important aspect of a logo is “brand identity”, so logos should not change too often. The current logo has very strong brand recognition, which is a good thing, but is perhaps quite old fashioned, though some would say that it is so “retro” as to be trendy :wink:

There is no great urge among the developers to change the logo, though there is some interest in improving the look of the entire Audacity visual experience (which is all pretty retro). Audacity does not currently support “theming” (skinning) though there has been some experimental work done in that area which will hopefully come back at some point. You may find this post interesting/informative:

OK. So, I will just rethink the current one just a bit to match the new Windows 8 Metro Style maybe. I have a few ideas for this…

Keep in mind that there’s probably around a million Audacity users on Mac OS X an Linux. The logo needs to be the same for all platforms.

I fondly remember the firestorm the last time we tried this. Past the obvious problem of having it look terrific on all three platforms and four or five different versions and revisions (will Audacity run on Windows 98?) Audacity doesn’t have a Chief Executive Officer. There is no tie breaker sitting in a glass office. You have to convince several hundred thousand users and developers to change it.

We did a corporate logo change a while ago and it was fun to watch getting merely 300 artists to agree.


Please show us.
Feel free to post your logo idea(s) and I’ll link them into the logo gallery for consideration when Audacity decides to update the logo. Yours could be “the one”.

hmm i see the collection and i found them pretty cool, but i think they are old fashioned…

I look forward to seeing your suggestions.