New Logo / New GUI

The application is awesome but looks bad (sorry). I would to suggest a new logo, a new GUI with Qt framework and new icons with Breeze.

File svg:

Cosmetically elegant, but
tiny minimalist buttons, which all look very similar, will diminish usability , particularly for people whose eyesight isn’t 100%.

I like the “more modern” look.

Regarding the logo, there’s a difficult balance to be struck between “modernizing” and retaining “brand recognition”. The current Audacity logo does perhaps look dated, but it also has terrifically strong association with the “brand”. My personal opinion is that this logo leans a bit too far from the familiar “Audacity brand”.

Regarding the size of the Transport buttons, this is something that has been discussed very recently. While there are arguments to support having “single height” transport buttons, the reason why Audacity has (and will probably retain, at least in the default button set) larger transport buttons is Fitts’s Law.

Nice work joaopauloalbu. I’ll add the logo to the logo gallery

This is a beautiful proposal. Have you tried making it inside of the application itself? (compiling from scratch and/or applying this theme to a fully functional copy of Audacity?) This would be revolutionary.
I agree that it would not be for everyone (visually impaired) but for sure would bring a lot of renewed interest to the application (IMHO).

Thank you.