New Light theme

Here is my redesign of the Light theme. I have also attached the Inkscape file that people can use to modify the theme.
Theme (81.8 KB)

You’ve made light theme even lighter …

sHendricks Vs Light theme.gif
Should issue solar-eclipse glasses with that :sunglasses:

[ BTW I had to make a png file from your svg using GIMP and call it “ImageCache”, copy attached … ].

Thanks, it was my first post and I didn’t get it posted correctly.

For consistency (& clarity) in your whiter theme, shouldn’t the position numerals be black on white ?, (like Project Rate)
sHendricks_Vs_Light theme.gif
Compromise : black position numerals on the existing cfd1ce grey.

I completely agree, new version attached.

Working for me …

Light Vs sHendricks-light#2.gif
I will try those black numerals on my grey job

Installed it, thanks!

Did you guys know how to set a white or transparent track background color ?
(in order to print nice spectrograms in PDFs)

This is indeed a very great theme! I loved it a lot, this will be my theme from now on. I would like to change couple of things, I will try to edit it and share it with you guys!

This theme is best for me! I loved it, but i would like to request you to make the same but using dark grey colors. Same as Audacity has used in their Dark theme! With orange waveform too. Your icons are very smooth and neat. Thanks a lot for your efforts. and please make one dark if possible.

This is a super cool theme. Do you think if we make a Github repo with themes users would approve it? Would use it? Do you think it is ok with the project folks?

We could then offer more theming options and also teach new users (myself included, of course) on how to make them!
This could spark more interest from the community.

What do you think?